Plywood, Arduino, RGB LEDs, Chimes

120in X 30in X 84in


Arrive at R'eyh and face a choice: enter or go around. Inspired by the aphorism, "I can only show you the door, but you have to open it" R'eyh gives you a chance to reflect on the role of intention in the surreal context of a passage point in the desert. The opportunity to choose is sacred; the ritual of passing, cleansing. The doorway can be a symbol of joy, of homecoming, but who emerges on the other side is unknown. Choose and be changed.

After serving the citizens of Black Rock City, Nevada for a week as the twelve o'clock portal to the man, R'eyh was immolated in a viking ship.

Created in collaboration with Michael Bernstein, and crewmates Chris Park and Shelby Larson.

This project was funded in part by the Burning Man Arts Honorarium.