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What Is Meditation?

Meditation involves silencing our mind. It is not an intellectual activity, but an attempt to expand our consciousness and be aware of our ‘real sense of being.’ Meditation can be a practical tool for relaxation, concentration and better health; it can also be an invaluable tool to self discovery. Through meditation we develop the capacity to be content with ourselves as we are. It is a happiness not dependent on external wealth and success. If practiced correctly, meditation can be a powerful antidote to depressive thoughts. - Peter Clemens

A Basic Meditation:

Concentrate on the tip of your nose or the rise and fall of your chest, and feel the breath going in and out.
To help your concentration, you can count every in and out breath as one, and count from 1 to 10. When you arrived at 10, simply reverse and count down to 1 again. All the attention is with the feeling of the nose or chest and the counting, nothing more, nothing less. Regularly check yourself if you are still concentrated; do not get angry if you get distracted by your thoughts, simply let them go and return to counting. Just before the end of the session, release the concentration on the counting and the tip of your nose, and simply be aware of how you feel for a minute or so. Be patient, don't expect a silent mind immediately or even after several sessions.