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Read these instructions and fill out the Launch Release before attempting to embark the rover. Flights are distributed on a first come first served basis during the week from 11:00AM - 1:00PM. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ENTER THE ROVER WITHOUT THE PRESENCE OF A TRANQUILITY EXPLORER TEAM MEMBER.


Enter and exit the rover via the back ladder steps placing feet and hands on black and yellow marked areas only. Remove shoes and keys before entering the rover. Do not touch the white sides or solar panels.


Put on the EEG meditation headset so that the sensor is on your forehead above your left eyebrow and the clip is on your left ear lobe. The three colored bars at the top right of the display show the strength of the headset connection in green, your focus in red, and your relaxation in blue.


Close the hatch by gently pulling down on the monitor using the yellow grips. View your surroundings on the built in display and pay attention to how the audio and video respond to your actions and your environment.


Navigate the rover by watching the display and using the joystick to go forward, left, and right. The rover has a rear wheel tank drive, which is very different from a car, so go slow on turns. Do not attempt to back up.


Steer the rover to a calm place with little outside motion and then stop. Relax your mind to reduce the volume of the rover engines, or try closing your eyes. The binaural frequences will increase with mental focus to maintain your meditative alpha brain waves. See the meditation guide for more tips.